Your Excuses are Reasons

Every time I talk to people about how they can become financially free with a successful Internet business, I get all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t do it.  I constantly hear the same old excuses like “I don’t have any time to run a business.”  The interesting thing is that the excuses given are always REASONS to have an Internet business.  If you don’t have time now, you probably never will.  Just make the time and build the business.  Then, the business will give you financial freedom from your current situation and you will have MORE time to do what you want.  Just take your excuses and realize that they are reasons to build the business.  If you don’t have enough time with your family, build the business and then you will have more time with your family.

When I started my Internet business, I did not have time.  However, I knew that I would never have the time if I did not do something.  I did not want to take away any family time so I basically just gave up some sleep every night to build the business.  One of the great things about an Internet business is that you can do it anytime around the clock.  So, my daily schedule was to get up around 7AM and help get the kids to school, go to my JOB for most of the day, come home and eat dinner with my family, play with the kids and help with their homework, give them baths, put them in bed, and have a Bible lesson and prayers.  Then I would spend time with my wife for a couple of hours until about 10PM when she would get tired and go to bed.  Then, that’s when I would start on the Internet business until about 2AM.  I would then go to bed and start the process again the next day.  So, really the only thing I missed out on was a little bit of sleep – not a big deal.  Also, if I was really tired at work one day, I would go take a quick nap in my car during my lunch break if I needed it.

Your situation is probably different than mine so you will have to find what works for you.  So, stop making excuses and look for reasons to start your Internet business and your journey to freedom.  Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already to be notified with updates.

- Hill Robertson

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