You Will Miss the Screaming and Fussing

I’ve found that one of the best times to really get to know your kids is when they are snuggled in bed with the lights out. I like to listen to their prayers each night. You can tell a lot about their heart and what is important to them. You can also learn a lot about yourself and how you are raising them by the little things they say in their prayers.

Take the time to listen to your children. They are your responsibility and they are watching your every move and picking up on every little thing you do – both the good and the bad. Whether you like it or not, they will follow in your footsteps. Be sure the footsteps they are following are paving the way of truth, morals, and Godliness. Train them in the ways they shall go in their youth and when they are old they shall not depart from them.

You only have a few fleeting years to really mold their hearts and minds. They will learn from someone whether it is you, a daycare worker, a babysitter, a schoolteacher, a peer, or anyone else you choose to allow them to spend time with. Choose your relationships wisely. Set a good example and spend as much quality and quantity time with them as you can.

Be the best example you can to them. If you are doing the right things and living a wholesome life, that is what they will learn. If you are not living a wholesome life, then that is what they will learn. How do you want your children to turn out when they are older? The way you live today is the way they will live when they grow up. Think about it. Change your ways if necessary.

Even when the kids are fussing, screaming, and getting on your nerves, you should realize that they are a blessing. Just think about it. In 20 years or so when they are out of the house, all of the little fussing and screaming will not matter. You will be wishing they were little children again running around the house in their pajamas or underwear fussing and screaming again. You’ll actually miss those moments. You will be sitting in your quiet lonely house wishing you could do it all over again. So, enjoy it today. Enjoy all of the little times that seem so annoying… You will cherish them for the rest of your life.

- Hill Robertson

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  1. I will remember this … so easy to forget that last paragraph – soon these days will be hard to remember. All of what you say – it really is simple but Brilliant !

  2. I do miss the screaming and the cuddling and the laughter. I get reminded of it everything I hear someone’s screaming child in the grocery store. Then I think to myself that I am glad that my children are grown and I miss my grandchildren who live in another state. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

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