You are an Expert

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when starting a business is the feeling of needing to be an authority or expert in the subject matter that you will be selling or promoting. Most people think they need to be THE expert and know more than anyone. The problem there is that there is almost always someone that knows more about your subject matter than you do. However, there is also always someone that knows LESS than you do. You are an expert to these people.

Is your subject matter your passion? Is it something you love to do? Is it something you would do for fun whether you are making money at it or not? If so, your passion will show in your business and will draw in visitors (even if they know as much or more than your do). Just think about it, what websites do you visit frequently or subscribe to on topics that you are passionate about? You may be an expert in some of those fields. You may even be more of an expert on the topic than the writers on the website but you still value the information and you keep it in your list of favorites because of your passion and your feeling of belonging to a community.

You can easily become an expert on a topic by learning more about it. One of the best ways to learn more is to start teaching what you do know to others. As you teach others, you will focus on some of the detail areas and you will start learning more. Also, if you get questions submitted to you, you will realize how much you really know and also get some “food for thought” to give you direction on other areas to learn about.

The bottom line is that you ARE an expert at something – probably many things. Don’t let doubt creep into your thoughts. Just pick one of your own passions, and begin blogging about it. You ARE the expert!

- Hill Robertson

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