Yahoo Launches ymail and rocketmail Domains for Email Accounts

Yahoo launched the and domains for email accounts.  Yahoo is one of the largest email account providers in the world with both free account and pay accounts.  The free accounts have an ajax based web portal for reading and writing emails.  For years, Yahoo has used the domain for email addresses.  It is very simple to sign up for a new account.  Just go to and sign up.  You can even chat with your friends within Yahoo mail.

Since these new domains just opened up, you may have a chance at getting your real name before someone else takes it.  I had some friends of mine get their first name (like  As long as it is more than four letters, you might have a shot.  But don’t wait too long or you may miss your chance and end up with something like  It is just not the same.

If you do sign up for a free account.  Be sure to login to it regularly or you may lose your account.  Or, you can purchase the “plus” package to add more features, more disk space, more spam filters, pop3 access, and much more.

So, go sign up for an account at or

- Hill Robertson

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