Work Your Internet Business in Peace and Quiet

My favorite time to get things accomplished in my internet businesses is late at night. I am pretty much a night owl anyway. My creative juices really get flowing in the wee hours of the morning. Once the clock hits about 10 or 11 at night, my internet business mind kicks into gear. Even though I usually get up around 7 AM to help get the kids ready for school and have busy days all day long up until the kids are in bed around 8:30 PM, I’m just getting going.

I really like working my internet business at this time of night when everything is quiet and I can really focus on my work. I can quietly browse around the internet researching ways to get more qualified web traffic as I monitor web server logs, analytics, and new subscriptions. I start blogging and writing articles. I also work on coding up the next software product or website idea. It is nice and peaceful and I can really focus on good content, software, and products. Take a look at the time stamp on this post. Right now (as I write this paragraph) it is 2:08 AM. I’ve been working since 10 PM. I haven’t had any interruptions – no telephones ringing and no TV distracting me. It is just nice and quiet.

When is your favorite time to work on your internet business? Do you work at night so you can spend time with your family during the day? Do you work while your kids are at school and spend time with them at night? Everyone has different schedules and different motivations for working at different times. That is one of the big advantages of running your own internet business. You can work it when YOU want to. The internet is there 24/7. It is ready whenever you are.

I can get so much more done during these times of peace and quiet when I can stay focused than when I keep getting interrupted by sweet little voices asking, “Can you play with me, Daddy?” Plus, when my children ask me to play with them, I would rather play with them while they are still little and want to play. I can always work the business while they are sleeping. I know in 20 years from now when they are grown and out of the house, I’ll be glad I did. They are only little boys and girls for a little while. Cherish every moment with your kids.

Do I lose some sleep? Yep. Am I tired all of the time? Pretty much. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Is it worth it to you? Can you lose a little sleep to build your internet business late at night so you don’t interfere with important family time? You can find the time if it is really important to you. It doesn’t matter when your best time of the day is. Just find the best time for you and take action. Stay focused and be persistent. If you can, work your internet business in peace and quiet. You will get more done when you are not getting distracted.

- Hill Robertson

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