Why Email Marketing is Better than Facebook and Social Marketing

Why Email Marketing is Better than Facebook and Social Marketing

The latest buzz in the marketing world is Facebook and social media.  There are definitely some great benefits from social websites and they should be used in Internet marketing campaigns.  However, there are some big benefits to email marketing.

One of the biggest benefits to email marketing is the fact that it is less time sensitive than most social media sites.  Active Facebook users have many friends and many “likes”.  All of these interest fill up their news feed quickly.  So, if your latest post doesn’t happen to get posted when they are on Facebook, by the time they take a look at their news feed, your post is already way down at the bottom of the long list of other birthday wishes and dancing baby videos.  Your post dies as quickly as it was born.

In the email world, your email message patiently waits in their email queue until they next check their email.  They will get to it.  Your message will get some attention.  The amount of attention depends on your relationship with the reader and the content.  But you still have a lot better chance of getting “noticed” through a good email than through a fleeting Facebook post.

- Hill

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