What Kind of Info and Products Would You Like?

OK, it is your turn to give me some information. I am in information and product production mode. I want to hear from you what type of information and products you would like to see from me on this blog. You should know what my areas of expertise are from the posts on this blog and from my about me page. What info would you like me to cover or what products would you like to see from me.

I’m already working on several products but if anyone gives me some good ideas, I might use them. If you give me an idea that I use for a product, I will send you a copy absolutely free once it is released.

Even though I’ll take any suggestions, I’d like to keep the ideas related to the following topics (or any combination or derivative):

  • Internet Business
  • Website Design/Hosting/HTML/CSS
  • Linux
  • Macs
  • Computer Networking

Please post your suggestions as comments to this post. I will keep them private unless you specifically want your comment to be public and state so in the comment.

- Hill Robertson

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