Turn Your Passion into Your Profit

Everyone has some sort of passion. Your passion can be a great place to start if your want to start an online business. I have made a lot of money off my passions once I understood how to use my talents to generate profit. In the beginning I did them just for fun. Eventually, they turned into great businesses.

One of the most important reasons a passion can usually be turned into a profitable business is that you are probably an expert (compared to most). When it is something your love, you find out everything you can about it and you spend a lot of your “free” time on your passion. You are always learning more and more about the details. You are probably “hands on” with your passion which solidifies your knowledge and gives you valuable experience that others would probably like to know.

One of my passions is Christmas displays and really going all out with fancy displays. Since I am a total geek (or nerd – whichever you prefer) I always have to take things to the extreme when they are technical in nature. So, I designed and built some hardware to control all of the Christmas lights from my computer. I wrote software (in Linux – a whole other passion of mine) to interface with my hardware that would synchronize the Christmas lights to Christmas music that I transmit from a low power FM transmitter (that I built). I take great joy every year around this time in computer controlled Christmas displays.

If this kind of geeky stuff tickles your fancy, you can take a look at http://computerchristmas.com.

So, since I loved doing computer controlled Christmas lights, I learned everything I could about them in my spare time because it was fun. I spend a lot of time designing the circuits, building the hardware, and writing the software. I learned more and more as I went. I became one of the few experts at the time (around 2000). Now, I have taught thousands of people how to do the same thing on my website and through other forms of consultation. Now it is a continuous revenue stream that I never intended to profit from in the beginning.

Another passion of mine is developing websites. I am one of the founders of a web hosting corporation that has built up into an extremely profitable business and it is something I love to do. We get rave reviews especially on our customer service since it is something we love to do and therefore excel in. If you treat your customers right and give them great products and services, they will be with you for the long term (and will refer others to you as well). Again, I point this out because this passion has also turned into extremely good profit.

You can turn your passion into your profit. What are your passions? You ARE an expert in the areas of your passions to many others out there wandering around the internet searching for the same information that you already have. There is profit to be made. Take action and go get it.

- Hill Robertson

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