The Votes Are In And The Winner Is

The big news today has been the presidential election primaries. Everyone wants their candidate to win for many different reasons. The issues cover just about the entire spectrum including religious beliefs, taxes, health care, illegal immigration, the war in Iraq, the economy, education, and the list goes on and on. When you boil it all down, people tend to vote for the candidate they believe will give them what they want.

What motivates the way you vote or who you want to win? Do you want the candidate that says they will give you everything for free (usually at the expense of others) or do you want the candidate that best enables you to build a successful business of your own? The lines often get blurred as to which side each candidate falls in these areas. Regardless of how you plan to vote (or if you are going to vote at all), you have a choice of how successful you will be.

If you put all of your hope and dreams in what someone else will do for you, whether it be the president of the country or your boss at work, you will end up disappointed. You are the only one that can control the path of your future. While other outside forces may change the terrain of your path and may cause little bumps, pot holes, and maybe even detours along the way, you are still in control of where you drive and how fast you get there.

It really just takes a decision on your part and then consistent action. You can choose to be successful and you can shape your future based on your actions today. Start on your journey of success today. It is YOUR decision. No matter who wins in the primaries or general election, your future is in your control – if you decide to take control. If you take control of your future and take action, the real winner is YOU.

- Hill Robertson

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  1. What about putting the hopes and dreams in yourself instead of someone else and making do with what you can with that someone else?

    Let them fufill their own potentional and use it to your own advantage. After all, it has never been a perfect world.

  2. Mark,

    I think you got the point. No matter what anyone else does, you still have control of your own future. Your decisions are your choice and your choices will determine your destiny.

    - Hill

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