The Joy of an Internet Business

There are a lot of things that make having your own business very attractive. Having your own internet based business can have even more advantages than your own “traditional” business. It can give you a tremendous confidence about your future and a great amount of joy as you fulfill your wildest dreams.

Having your own business of any type can give you a great sense of control over your future and potential security that you may not have at a JOB. You can better control your income (and your own raises) once your business is thriving. If it is built properly, you can eventually have more flexibility in the hours you work. You can even design it where you work less hours and earn more money! With your own business, you can gain great freedoms that you will never achieve in a typical JOB.

With an internet based business you will probably have extremely low expenses compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses. You also have the flexibility of running your business from anywhere in the world (that has internet access). Typically all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You can also have more flexibility in the hours you work. If you are a night owl like I am, you can do your email communications in the wee hours of the morning instead of having to be right by a phone during “normal” business hours in many cases. This can be a huge advantage to your family life. You can spend the day with your family during their “normal” hours and run your business at night while your kids and spouse are asleep. This is what allowed me to start my internet business without having to sacrifice quality family time.

A lot of the online tools and services you need to run an internet business are very affordable and can be very automated saving you time and money so you can focus on the important details of your business.

Your potential customers are limitless. Virtually the entire world is online and more and more people are using the internet for all types of products and services with more and more people getting online every day.

An internet business can bring you joy and freedoms you never before imagined. You can even start one up in your spare time to see if it is something you would enjoy doing without spending much money at all.

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- Hill Robertson

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  1. Hill,

    You have such a great tone in your writing. When I read a post like this, written in your style, I come away feeling a whole lot better. Thanks for putting it out there!

  2. James,

    Thanks for your kind words and thanks for your feedback about my blog on your blog at

    - Hill

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