The Internet Business Game

Are you reading one money making blog after another looking for the one that tells you the quick and easy way to make money online? Are you curiously meandering through all kinds of money making forums looking for the next new thing so you can get in on the action early to make the big bucks? Do you think all these other successful entrepreneurs just happened to get in at the right time in the right market?

Most people that want to make money online just play the internet business game. They are not serious about it. They may even set up a blog where they write posts every now and then. They may even put an affiliate link or two on the site. But they never really stick with it or put enough into it to be successful. It is not a game. You can’t just dilly dally with it and one day just magically generate enough income to quit your job. It is a business. You must treat it like one. You must work diligently. You will not make a million dollars over night. It may even be a little frustrating sometimes when you write post after post and spend a lot of time working on getting traffic to your site only to see that no one signs up for your blog.

You look at the “gurus” of the online money making and dream of doing the same thing. You see how well they are doing with their subscriber lists of 3000 or more while you sit there with 2 subscribers (which happen to be you and your spouse) after 2 months of blogging and submitting articles. You start looking at the 3000 compared to your 2 and you get discouraged. You start to think it is not worth it. This is where most people quit (if they even made it that far).

You have to keep doing the right things over and over to get results. It is not quick or easy. It will take some work and time. Remember, you are building a business. It is not a game. Just hang in there. You will start to see the benefits. Maybe tomorrow is the day you will get that third subscriber (and a real one that is not one of your family or friends). Maybe a few days after that you get 2 or 3 more. It takes time but it is an exciting journey.

The bottom line is you need to take action, be persistent, and never give up. Keep testing different things to improve your results. You will get better and better every day if you don’t give up. The better you get, the better your results will be and you will start to build up a snowball effect that will grow bigger and go faster until you can’t stop it if you wanted to.

So, are you just playing the internet business game or are you serious about it? Only you can make the choices that result in a game or a successful business.

- Hill Robertson

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  1. Part of the problem is the amount of time one would spend on a website. Until I purchased my professionally designed WordPress theme, I was wasting my time trying to tweak the website to my needs without focusing on what worked for me in the first place.

    That was, writing quality content.

  2. Mark,

    You are exactly right. It is too easy to get caught up in busy work that could be better outsourced so you can focus on more important things.

    - Hill

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