Spammers Make it Painful for Everyone

One of the biggest issues I have to constantly deal with as a website design and hosting company (one of my internet businesses) is dealing with spam and especially the ramifications of it. The most painful part is jumping through all of the hoops that are now required by all of the big providers in their efforts to reduce spam. We ethical and moral entrepreneurs just trying to build a successful internet business have to go to great lengths just to get our customer’s normal emails flowing smoothly.

To give you an example, many of the big providers will block emails coming from a server if they receive more than a certain number of emails within a given time frame. This never use to be the case before spamming became such a problem. In the beginning, this caused problems with some of my customers. Many of my websites will have thousands of registered users. Then, when an email newsletter needs to get sent out from the website to the users, obviously a large amount of the email addresses are with these large providers. When the email would go out, the provider would block the IP address of my server and not allow any more of the messages to go through. So, to jump through this hoop, I had to write code for a special mail queue that would identify if the email needed to be delivered to one of the big providers with this type of “spam prevention”. If it did, it would go into a special queue that would only send out one email per 20 seconds to stay below the threshold of being blocked. This was not a huge issue since the newsletters did not need to be received by all users immediately (similar to the way Aweber sends emails to opt-in lists). However, I still had to spend a lot of time writing my own customized code to get around protections put in place to counteract spam.

Another issue that you may have run into if you do any email article marketing is with your internet service provider and your email. Many providers will monitor the activity on the email (or SMTP) port of your internet connection. If they see a lot of mail going out in a short amount of time, they may block it. This happens frequently using article marketing software when it tries to blast several thousand email messages out in rapid succession. This is another action internet providers have taken to try to thwart spammers.

These are just a couple examples of the many issues that have to be monitored and dealt with on a daily basis. The whole battle between spammers and internet providers trying to thwart their efforts is like a giant moving target that seems to continually morph into different beasts every time you think it may be over. The unfortunate part about it is that we have to pay a price for it. Spammers make it painful for everyone.

- Hill Robertson

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