So Many Choices – Just Pick One

There really are an unlimited amount of ways you can make money on the internet legally, morally, and ethically. There are a lot of scams out there but there are also plenty of good ways to make money. The problem so many people have is there is too much – too many choices. Is this the problem you have?

It is easy to get paralyzed into doing nothing because you don’t know which path to choose. I have done the same thing many times before. As an entrepreneur, I constantly have money making ideas going through my head. They could all probably make good money, but I will catch myself not even getting started on one because I keep thinking what else I can do that would be even better. The reality is, until action is taken to actually turn the idea into a product, create the copy, and sell it, it is going to make absolutely zero dollars no matter what other “better” ideas are floating around my head. Do you do the same thing?

Until I learned to take an idea and just run with it until it is complete, I kept jumping from one thing to another. It is also easier to just focus on one product and get it done. You will be able to produce every product quicker when you focus on it. Then, once it is done, you can move on to the next “better” product. You will never have a perfect product. So stop waiting until it is perfect.

Just pick an idea for a product that you are passionate about and focus on it until it is complete. Sure, you may make some mistakes along the way but that is how you learn to make the next one even better. You won’t succeed without making some mistakes along the way anyway. So go ahead and get a bunch of “mistakes” under your belt so you can be closer to achieving your goals of success!

- Hill Robertson

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  1. Derrick says:

    I find it very difficult to get anything completely finished, because of all the distractions online. I also find that with any project I get to a certain point and then get stalled by some minor issue which needs to be researched, which is an hour reading up on the problem and getting sidetracked again!

    What I have found helpful is having a step-by-step procedure written out, either by myself or by someone else. At least then I just have to pick up from whichever step I got to, instead of wasting time working out what comes next…

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