Outsource or Do It Yourself?

Outsource or Do It Yourself?

I’ve always wanted to do things myself.  I like to learn how things work and figure out how to make things work better.  After all, I am a nerdy engineer.  :)

I’ve always been very frugal.  (My wife will tell you I am cheap – maybe she is right.)  I don’t like spending money on anything that I think I can do myself.  So, I would spend days researching whatever “project” I wanted to accomplish and then spend several hours actually doing the project.  I would usually get a few things wrong since I was not an expert even though I had thorouly researched it.  If I really calculated out the time and focus I had to invest into it, it usually was not even close to being worth it.

Probably the worst part about it was that I robbed myself of a lot of time that I could have been using to further master another one of my primary skills.

Did I really need to spend a total of 23 hours finding the cheapest washing machine door seal, watching countless videos of “How To” replace it, and then actually replacing it?  After all, I did save about $200 since I did it myself.

I probably should have spent the extra $200 to “outsource” the work to a local appliance repairman and focused my time and energy in my expert skill areas of website development and marketing that are used to generate my own income.  My website skills are what generate income over and over again while the small amount of info I learned about my washing machine may only get used 1 or 2 more times in my lifetime for a whopping savings of another $400 at most.  What was I thinking?

Are you focusing on your “bread and butter” skills?  Are you outsourcing the tasks that are not going to further your primary skills?  While you may save money and learn a little about something, what are you losing by not focusing on what you SHOULD be focusing on?

Are you trying to build your own website to save a few bucks?  Are you trying to promote your website without really knowing how?  Are you trying to do it all and getting frustrated and overwhelmed?

You should be focusing on your expertise and outsource the rest.  You can outsource your website so you don’t have to mess with it and you can spend your time getting even better at what you do best.  My team and I can focus on your website.  That is our expertise.  You do what you do best and we do what we do best.  Focus your time, effort, and outsourcing accordingly.

- Hill



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  1. Tom Stricklin says:

    Remember, Hill, the next time you have a similar situation, you already have resources at hand, i.e. the next part hunt won’t take 23 hours and having replaced one part you now have skills that will make the next fix easier. Both my father and father-in-law built their own homes while working full time jobs.

  2. That’s very true, Tom. I just doubt I will be replacing the washing machine door seal enough times in my life to justify the savings. Maybe if I planned on doing appliance repair on the side, it would be worth it.

    Life is a lot of “learning adventures”. Many of them are good. I guess it is just a matter of what we focus on and what is the most important.

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