Mysteriously Disappearing Blog Entries

So I spent about 30 minutes the other day writing a new blog entry. I did all of the normal things I do for each. I quickly wrote it without losing my train of thought just to get the content down before I forgot it. Then, I previewed it by clicking on the preview link (in another tab of my Firefox browser). I saw a few spelling errors and a couple of things I wanted to explain a little better so I clicked on the edit button to go back to the WordPress administration area of my blog and made the changes. After checking a few more things and updating the entry to my liking, I posted the blog article. Everything looked good on the blog and I was ready to move on. I started browsing around other sites and doing my normal routine. Then, I came back to my blog and found my new blog entry was GONE! What in the world happened? I knew I had posted it. Where did it go? Did I accidentally delete it? Did I save it instead of publishing it? What went wrong?

I went back to my blog admin area and found the article still there but in a “saved” state and not published. Was I going crazy? I knew I had published it. Well, it was pretty late at night (actually early in the morning) so I guess I could have made a mistake. So, I published it again and everything looked fine. Until…… A few minutes later, my post vanished again. Now I’m getting really confused. I went back to the admin area and the same thing had happened. So, I went to my saved entries and then republished it once again. Then, I realized what was happening…..

It turned out that I had one of my browser tabs still opened on my WordPress blog in the admin area (for writing) on the new blog entry. One of the features of WordPress is an autosave feature that automatically saves your blog entry at regular intervals as you are writing it so if something happens while you are writing your entry, you will not lose all of your work. This is what was causing the problem. Even though I published my article (in another browser tab), when the refresh cycle came around in the other tab, it would “autosave” the article back to a saved state instead of a published state. Also, if I had made any edits to the article in another tab, the could have gotten lost when this browser tab autosaved.

So, be sure you do not do the same thing with your blog. It can really be mind boggling and frustrating when it happens if you don’t realize what is going on when your blog entries mysteriously start vanishing. Do all of your work in one browser and with just one tab without opening other ones. Or, if you like using multiple browser windows and tabs, be sure to keep track of them and don’t fall into the same trap.

- Hill Robertson

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  1. Eric Hammond says:

    If YOU get confused by this stuff once in a while, I don’t feel so bad getting tripped up by it every 45 minutes or so.

  2. Yep. There are plenty of things that trip me up from time to time. Usually, I’m just tripping over my own foot…..

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