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Making Money Online Without a Product — Website Development, Marketing and Training

Making Money Online Without a Product

OK.  So you ask, “Hill, you keep talking about making money online but you don’t always give details about how.”

Well, here you go…….  Here is one of many ways of making money online.  The beauty about this method is that you don’t even need a product of your own.  The most common term is “Affiliate Marketing”.  The way it works is as follows….

A merchant has a product they want to sell and they want to get as many interested people as possible to see their product.  They may not know much about marketing or they may not have a good budget for marketing.  Whatever the reason, they decide to let other people become and affiliate to promote their product.  In return, they are willing to give the affiliate a commission (or portion) of the profits for helping them make a sale.  So, it is a good deal for both parties involved.  The merchant makes a sale without having to do much advertising and the affiliate makes money by referring the customer without having to have a product of their own and dealing with the customer.  The affiliate is basically a middleman that get a cut of the action.

So, you can be an affiliate.  Many merchants have affiliate programs.  Sometimes they have different names such as “associates program” or “referral program”, but they generally follow the same idea.  Some merchants have their own programs but many use affiliate networks that make things much easier for both the affiliate and the merchant.  The affiliate network handles the transactions and pays the merchant and the affiliate on a regular basis.  This is convenient for all parties involved.  In addition, as an affiliate, you may decide to promote many different offers within an affiliate network and all of the commissions you make will all be included in your check (so you don’t have to get a bunch of smaller checks.)  Many of the networks have excellent tools for finding offers and tracking your results.

To get started, you need to find some affiliate networks and sign up for them.  You can then browse around their offers and pick the ones you want to promote.  There are thousands and thousands of offers out there so you will probably find something you are interested in.  Typically, they give you a special web link that you can use on your blog, in an email, in a pay-per-click ad, or almost anywhere else you want to put it.  Then, if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will get credit for the sale and you will be credited your commission in your affiliate network account.  Isn’t that cool?

Many people have mastered the art of affiliate marketing and make millions of dollars promoting other people’s products.  There are all kinds of techniques for affiliate marketing.  Start doing some Google searches for affiliate networks and affiliate marketing and you just might like what you see and make some money along the way………..

- Hill

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