Just Shut Up and Listen

Have you ever noticed that the more successful and seemingly wise a person is, the more they seem to listen instead of talk? One of the first things you learn in relationship building is to listen to the other person whether you are selling a product or just being a friend. You will learn a whole lot more about them and their needs (and how you can meet their needs) by listening to them. They will eventually tell you what they want in some way or another. Don’t talk too much, they are generally not interested in hearing all about you, they want you to know their “pain” in hopes that you can help them. They don’t want to hear how you have helped other people and what your new fancy-shmancy product is, they just want to know how you can help remove their pain. Nothing else matters to them.

Let them tell you their pain in their own words. Just ask some simple questions to them and then listen to their responses and you will soon know how to help them with their pain. Ask them leading questions like, “What do you want to do about it?” and “How does that make you feel?” They will sell themselves and be excited to do business with you since you listened to their needs and didn’t try to push some product on them.

This principle is also highly recommended to be used between you and your spouse. If your wife wants to talk to you about something, you need to listen. She is usually not wanting advice or especially criticism at that time. She probably just wants you to acknowledge her issue or possibly vent her feelings to the most important person in her life – YOU. You’ll certainly not bode well if you respond in any harsh or potentially non-caring way. Show your genuine interest by listening intently, asking proper leading questions and you will quickly find out her pain and you should know how best to respond.

For successful relationships whether professional or personal, listen first and don’t speak too quickly. Think before you speak. In other words……….

Shut Up and Listen!

- Hill Robertson

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