Internet Business Success Poem

While my kids were out of school
I took them out one day
I took them to the local park
so they could run and play.

We swung in swings and spun on things
I’d never seen before
We climbed up ropes and slid down slides
and played a little more

My kids were just so happy
to have their daddy by their side
The love shined in their faces,
their smiles were full of pride

I couldn’t help but notice
other children that were there
did not seem quite so happy
their demeanor only fair

Then I noticed what was different
with the other children there,
Not one of them had their daddy
at the park with them to share

All the other daddies
were missing all the fun
of watching their own kids grow up
as they frolicked in the sun

Other dads were busy working
at their jobs you see
they traded time for money
instead of time with family

I’m glad that I was able
to play with them that day
A day that I will never forget
and cherish in every way

I did not have to go to work
and trade my time away
In fact I’ll have more days just like it
to run and jump and play

That’s what it’s all about
to have a business of your own
that you can do when YOU want to
instead of always being on the phone

As time ticks by it’s over
forever gone the time will be
So use it on important things
Like God and family

What can be done to get more time
to spend with family?
To do the things you need to do
and have responsibility?

Just set some goals and break them down
to ones you can achieve
Then take the action to get them done
and then you will believe

A business of your own
is not so hard you see
with some action and persistence
it soon can set you free

You’ll gain the time for important things
in life that are so dear
Even simple things you missed each day
soon all will be made clear

You owe it to your family
and your Father up above
To do what is important
and do it all with love

So don’t wait any longer
the time to start is now
decide that you will do it
and then just find out how
is a blog about success;
In business and in family
and life and happiness

Start by signing up for this blog
and follow it day by day
you’ll learn about all kinds of things
to help along the way

Were all in this together
like a loving family
that helps each other to succeed
just do it and you’ll see

- Hill Robertson

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