How To Get Things Done – What to do?

To Do ListIn today’s world of constant and instant distractions from phone calls to texts and tweets, it can be practically impossible to focus enough to get anything done. Every little tweet can send us on a rat hole leading to who-knows-where taking us away from our important objectives for the day. If I pay attention to all of the distractions I get, I can easily waste many hours each day and end up getting nothing of importance done even though I may feel like I was “busy” throughout the day.

One of the best things you can do to get things accomplished is to have some sort of TO DO list. I have a to do list on my phone so that it stays with me and reminds me of everything I have to do that day. Without it, I would get nothing of importance done. I make sure I check things off of my list and make sure I get things done. There is a real sense of accomplishment with each item I check off giving me momentum to accomplish my next task.

Prioritize your list of daily tasks to be sure the things that HAVE to get done that day actually get done. Other lesser important things can usually get moved to the next day if necessary. Focus on each item and get it done. Avoid distraction rat holes and you will be amazed at how much you are able to get done and how much more time you will have for other things.

- Hill

P.S. Now I can check the “Post to Blog about To Do List” item off of my list. :)

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