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Google+ is starting to make an impact on everything.  While Facebook is still the dominating social media site, Google+ (Google Plus) is coming on strong.  One of the big advantages to having a presence on Google Plus is the fact that Google already has so many different pieces that everybody uses every day.  They have been collecting data for many years and have dominated search.  Now, their search results can be even more relevant with the added benefit of more information being posted within Google Plus.

They still have a way to go as far as users actively using it but it is going to be a fun competition watching how Facebook and Google+ duke it out.  Competition is a good thing and both Google+ and Facebook will get better because of it.  We, as the users, will benefit.

If you don’t have a Google+ account yet, click on the red g+ button above and then click the “Join Google+ to add this page to a circle”.

If you do have a Google+ account and like this site, please click the g +1 button.

It’s going to be fun watching Google+ as it grows…

- Hill

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