Fulfill Their Desire

Fulfill Their Desire

Whether you are dealing with a prospect, customer, or just a friend.  People have desires.  Usually, these desires focus around increasing pleasure or reducing pain.

Let’s say you are a mechanic.  A potential prospect for your services may have the desire of eliminating an annoying oil leak from their engine that keeps leaving a messy stain on their driveway.  They have a pain they would like to get rid of and you can be their solution in removing their pain.  If you fix their oil leak, you now have a valuable relationship and future customer.

Maybe you do lawn maintenance and notice that one of your customers has some paint flaking off some areas of their home.  You could offer to paint their house in addition to your existing lawn maintenance.  Not only would you be offering them a new service, you would be easing their pain of having to find a painter.  They already have the relationship with you and it would be very easy for them to make the decision to use your services.  You strengthen the relationship and gain even more loyalty.

Your friend may have a passion for golfing.  Obviously, one of his pleasures would be playing golf.  Simply by asking him to play golf with you on Saturday would be increasing his pleasure.  Even the gesture of inviting him to play with you will strengthen your relationship and build a longer lasting friendship.

It’s all about knowing what people’s pain or pleasure is and fulfilling their desires.

- Hill

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