Facebook Timeline for Facebook Pages Problematic for Marketing

Facebook’s timeline layout is frustrating businesses and people that are using Facebook pages to promote their product or brand. Facebook has forced Timeline on all of it’s pages. It is not YET required for personal pages even though they have been encouraging everyone to switch. There is no telling when they will force it on personal pages.

One of the benefits of the “old” Facebook pages was the fact that you could set a default landing page when someone came directly to your page. This could be almost anything you wanted such as a complex app or simple image. A common practice was to have a large image with an arrow pointing to the like button and encouraging visitors to like the page. Well, no more… With Facebook’s timeline, you can no longer set a default landing page. The visitor always gets your timeline and your fancy like-encouraging apps are now buried deep within the timeline or in the no-so-obvious other links on Facebook.

While this is one of the negatives, there are other positives to Timeline. Especially if you post status updates frequently and stay engaged with your friends/fans.

Happy Facebooking…

- Hill

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