Don’t Waste Your Time on New Year’s Resolutions

For an internet business, we are always talking about making the most of your time and not wasting it. We talk about not getting distracted and really focusing on what your want to achieve and how to achieve it. A lot of the key ingredients to a successful internet business are not so much major overhauls of your current ways of doing things but are sometimes just a bunch of subtle changes or minor habit replacements. Much of the time you business strategies have good principles, they just need a different focus or a little nudge in the right direction.

This time of year, everywhere you go, you are bombarded with attention to the upcoming new year. You see all kinds of advertisements trying to take advantage of people’s new year’s resolutions. One of the biggest new year’s resolutions that people make is related to fitness. Many people set new year’s resolutions of losing weight, exercising more or just being more healthy. Companies that sell weight loss programs, exercise machines, and health club contracts thrive on these resolutions and make the most of it at year’s end. Haven’t you noticed a lot more of those fancy-schmancy, super-duper, ab-crunching, muscle-building, fat-eliminating, energy-boosting, health-saving, exercise contraption infomercials claiming you will be the model of fitness if you just but their product?

Now why am I telling you, “Don’t waste your time on new year’s resolutions.” Because new years resolutions are made and broken. The intentions are usually good. It is a worthy attempt at being better. However, resolutions are normally set with a “TRY” attitude. A try attitude is a failing attitude. You cannot TRY to do something and accomplish it. Think about it a little bit. In fact, let’s do a little test. Look at an object you have sitting around you such as a pencil. Now, try to pick the pencil up. Go ahead, try to pick it up………

Did you pick it up? If you did, you did not TRY to pick it up, you DID pick it up. Do you see what I mean? Don’t try to do something, just DO IT. As the great philosopher Yoda once said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

So, do we just throw away making new year’s resolutions all together? Not really… I’m just saying change your focus a little bit. Instead of new year’s resolutions, you need to set goals. Successful people set goals. So, set a GOAL that you want to reach by the end of the new year. Don’t just leave it at that. You will keep procrastinating and you will see the goal as too big and too far away to reach. Before you know it, you are waiting for the end of another year to come so you can set another resolution that you won’t achieve. You need to break it up into smaller attainable goals.

Maybe you want to set smaller monthly goals. You may even want to break it down into weekly goals. Once you get the goals smaller and more attainable you will more likely believe that you can reach your goals. You will begin to form good habits and you will have a sense of accomplishment with each small goal you reach. Obviously, you need to take action on accomplishing your goals. It does no good to set them and do nothing to reach them. If you do take action and don’t quit, you will soon be on your way to success.

Set your goals, break them down into smaller goals, and take action to achieve them. Don’t waste your time on new year’s resolutions.

Happy New Year!

- Hill Robertson

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