Don’t Sell Your Soul to Your JOB

It amazes me when I see how much employees will bend over backwards to do whatever their employer wants. Don’t get me wrong, you should give 100% effort and even go the extra mile at your JOB while you are there. When you agreed to work at your JOB, you agreed to do your JOB and you should do so to the best of your abilities. You should be the best employee your employer could ever have. You should do your job as stated in your job requirements (and then some). However, employers have a tendency to abuse their employees and have ways of pressuring them into getting more “free” work by suggesting overtime and/or weekend work. These precious “extra” hours that you give to your employer are stealing away valuable time that you could better use for your family or starting a business of your own.

If you have a JOB, you are already trading your time for money and your employer is getting the better deal. Just think about the time you are missing spending with your spouse or the innocent moments as your children experience life for the first time in every area of their life. You are probably away from your family at least 10 hours a day. If you are like most “average” people, you maybe see your family an hour in the morning and then a whopping 3 or 4 hours in the evening each day. So, let’s see, 10 hours at a JOB and 5 hours with your family. With those stats, it says your JOB is twice as important as your family! I’m sure that’s not the way you feel but that’s what your children see.

So, you are basically left with weekends for family. Use your weekends the best you can for spending time with your family and teaching your kids – especially by example. Don’t let your employer rob you of precious weekend time too. I see too many employees work extra time on weekends for free because they were asked to and they are afraid to say no. What they think is “free” time is actually costing valuable time with family. You would probably also agree that your time with your family is more valuable than the money you make at work. So why are you in this situation? You are in control and you can change your situation if you REALLY want to. You can decide to be one of the 2 percent of people that are successful and in control of their future or you can not decide and default to the 98 percent that are not in control of their future that just get by (or many times fall behind) and are just part of the herd.

Did you ever wonder why you hear people say, “Where did the time go?” when their kids grow up and leave the house? They always feel as if they didn’t spend enough time with their family and wish they could go back and do it over again. They vow they would spend more time with their family and watching their kids grow up instead of working so many long hours. You can choose to spend the most time possible with your family right now so you don’t have the same regrets in 10 or 20 years from now.

Why are you working at your JOB now? It’s all for money, right? But your family is more important that money, right? You can have your own internet business that can make more than you are making now and have enough to compensate for your benefits and other “perks” from your employer.

Think of what is really important in life and make the necessary changes to get your priorities in order. You CAN do it! Just take action and get started on your own internet business. With just a few hours every day, you can build a successful internet business that you enjoy. Follow the posts on this blog and you will begin to understand how you can have a successful internet business and have a successful life.  Subscribe to this blog by filling out the subscribe now box at the top right of this blog to get frequent updates.

Make the most of every day. You only have 24 hours to spend each day. You can’t save it and you can’t borrow from tomorrow. Once your time is spent, it is gone. Spend it wisely.

- Hill Robertson

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  1. Excellent post! When coaching clients, I frequently remind them of the old business philosophy of getting at least tenfold value in ever dollar spent. Which means, if an emplyee makes $50,000 per year, they should be worth $500k to the success of the company. Why then, do the individuals put so little value on themselves and allow someone else to determine what they are worth?

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