Death by Doubt

Looking back on decisions I have made in the past and why I failed or quit at anything was quite often due a quiet little creeping creature called doubt. It usually isn’t obvious at the time but its grip is strong and deadly. Doubt will absolutely kill anything worth while if you let it.

Doubt creeps into your thoughts saying things like “you can’t write a good article”, “you’re not an expert”, or “no one will ever buy your product”. If you listen to doubt, you will never succeed. You will always come up with a reason not to do something. However, all of these reasons are just excuses. Nothing will ever get done when you dwell on what you can’t do.

Remember one of the most important rules is to “just do it”. If you wait to long or you try to make everything perfect, you will start letting doubt creep in and you will start focusing on the negatives and you will paralyze yourself and you won’t do anything. You will convince yourself that it wouldn’t have worked anyway. Once you realize you are sliding down the slippery slope of doubt, STOP IT! Focus on the positive and JUST DO IT!

- Hill Robertson

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