Which is More Important – Job or Lemonade Stand?

A few days ago, I went to pick up my kids from school (one of the benefits of not having a "job").  After we got home, they had the brilliant idea of setting up a lemonade stand in front of our house by the road to make some extra money.  (I guess they get their entrepreneurship from me.) To me, this did not sound like the best idea since we live near the … [Read more...]

It’s Almost Time for Christmas

Even though it has only been 1 month since Christmas, in the blink of an eye it will be Christmas time all over again.  Time seems to move so quickly.  I tease my wife all the time and tell her, "It's only 11 months until Christmas".  She sweetly snickers, rolls her eyes, and occasionally mumbles, "Oh, brother...."  Doesn't it feel like we just had … [Read more...]

Wake Up! The Economic Crisis can be a Good Thing

Millions of Americans are nervous about what the future holds in this seemingly inevitable economic crash.  There is frantic debate on how to ease the pain of the impending crunch.  From bailout to "hand up", everyone comes up with different ideas on how to approach it and no one seems to know what will really happen no matter what we do. Politics has … [Read more...]

Speaking of Labor Day…..

Labor day originated in 1882 as the Central Labor Union of New York City looked to create a "day off for the working citizens".  Most "working" people with typical jobs look forward to this day off of work.  Frequently you will hear people with a job excited about a day off. While taking time off from "work" to spend time with your family is a very good … [Read more...]

Being Rich in a Rough Economy

When the economy gets a little rough and gas prices go sky high (among many other climbing expenses), people tend to increase their negativity.  They pay more attention to the negative things around them.  They get bombarded by media and practically everyone around them.  Many change their spending habits, cut unnecessary expenses, and do everything they … [Read more...]

There is no Such Thing as a Fixed Income

Some of the biggest complainers these days about the higher cost of gas, food, and other basic essentials have been those that claim to be on a "fixed" income. The truth is, there is no such thing as a fixed income. Now, you may have a fixed income for a particular job that you have but you are free to generate more income in other ways. So, fixed incomes … [Read more...]

Business is All About People and Attitude

I love to observe people. I really enjoy watching how people react to different situations and what type of attitude they have. One of my favorite times to do this is around Christmas time when the malls are flooded with people rushing around to get the hottest toy for their kids of the perfect gift for their spouse. It brings out the best and worst in … [Read more...]

Are You Working for the Weekend?

Many people I know seem to live by the motto of "working for the weekend". They go to their JOB Monday through Friday and put in their time. They practically proclaim that they have no fun and don't really "live" until the weekend comes and they don't have to work. People with job mentality tend to think a JOB is the way to success. They either jump … [Read more...]

Work Smart So You Can Smell the Roses

Every now and then, something in your life just may grab your attention and make you think a bit about what you are doing with your life and what really matters. You've probably heard the saying, "Stop and smell the roses." Generally, it refers to taking the time to appreciate the things around you and embrace life. Be thankful for what God has blessed … [Read more...]

Reasons to Build a Customer List

One of the most important pieces of a successful business of any kind is having a list of "customers". My email subscription list is basically my list of customers. It doesn't mean that any of them buy anything. But they do have an interest in the information I post on this blog. In a way it is similar to someone visiting a store and browsing the … [Read more...]