Video of a Running Virtual Machine Using VMware on a Mac Pro

Here we go with the geeky info......I uploaded my first video to YouTube so it may not be perfect but it is a start. The video gives a little bit of information about virtual machines.I boot up a Windows XP virtual machine using VMware fusion on my Mac Pro and show you how to run Internet Explorer on a Mac (sort of). This is one of the tools I use to do … [Read more...]

So Many Choices – Just Pick One

There really are an unlimited amount of ways you can make money on the internet legally, morally, and ethically. There are a lot of scams out there but there are also plenty of good ways to make money. The problem so many people have is there is too much - too many choices. Is this the problem you have? It is easy to get paralyzed into doing nothing … [Read more...]

Business Systems and Dilated Eyes

Do you have business systems in place that do work for you whether you do anything or not? A business system in place that gives you the freedom to focus on other areas of your business or take care of other matters is one of the key ingredients to a successful business. Today was a great example of how one of my business systems kept my internet … [Read more...]

Reasons to Build a Customer List

One of the most important pieces of a successful business of any kind is having a list of "customers". My email subscription list is basically my list of customers. It doesn't mean that any of them buy anything. But they do have an interest in the information I post on this blog. In a way it is similar to someone visiting a store and browsing the … [Read more...]

Protected: Question and Answer Time

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

Private Posts Coming Soon

Are you subscribed to this blog yet? I'm going to start posting private blog entries very soon (hint, hint). You must be subscribed to my email blog announcement list to get the password. If you are not yet subscribed, submit your info at the top right of this blog before any private posts are made if you want the password to be able to read … [Read more...]

Give Your Customers What They Want

To get more potential customers to make a purchase, sometimes it is as simple as giving them what they want. Don't spend all of your time trying to poke, prod, and cram your potential customers into the product you offer. You should mold your product into what they are looking for. If you do this, you will have a happy customer. This holds true for most … [Read more...]

24 Hour Special

The No Aweber Popup for Subscribers Procedure is really taking off. Thanks to everyone who has given me such great comments and posts on their blogs. I left it at $10 for a while since I wanted to give everyone a shot at the low price after I had to remove it temporarily during the first launch. I didn't feel right after a few comments were made about the … [Read more...]

The No Aweber Popup for Subscribers Procedure is Back

The No Aweber Popup for Subscribers Procedure is once again available. I made some changes to the sales page for more clarification about the product. The main change was pointing out that it is a cookie based solution and that anything the subscriber does that can effect cookies may cause this solution to not work in their case. I am feeling really … [Read more...]

Be Thankful When They Leave

So, you are spending a lot of your time writing blog posts, submitting articles, posting in forums, optimizing your site, and everything else under the sun as you attempt to get more people visiting your blog. You feverishly watch your analytics and other stats. You watch your web server access log as visitors hit your site. You pray that the next visitor … [Read more...]