Should I Start a Website or is a Facebook Page Enough for my Business?


I am often asked by entrepreneurs as they launch their new endeavors - if they should start a website of their own or setup a Facebook page instead.  After all, a Facebook page is free and easy to create. The best answer is BOTH.  There are pros and cons to Facebook.  Here are some of them: Facebook Pros: Quick/Simple to Create Instant … [Read more...]

Outsource or Do It Yourself?

washing machine

I've always wanted to do things myself.  I like to learn how things work and figure out how to make things work better.  After all, I am a nerdy engineer.  :) I've always been very frugal.  (My wife will tell you I am cheap - maybe she is right.)  I don't like spending money on anything that I think I can do myself.  So, I would spend days … [Read more...]

Fulfill Their Desire


Whether you are dealing with a prospect, customer, or just a friend.  People have desires.  Usually, these desires focus around increasing pleasure or reducing pain. Let's say you are a mechanic.  A potential prospect for your services may have the desire of eliminating an annoying oil leak from their engine that keeps leaving a messy stain on their … [Read more...]

Adobe Creative Cloud Review, Photoshop CS6 and Doing It Yourself

Adobe Creative Cloud

With Adobe's Photoshop CS6 and the awesome Creative Cloud service, you now have a complete package of creating any kind of website you can imagine to promote yourself or your business.  This is an excellent way to go if you are the do-it-yourself type that really wants to know the ins and outs of websites and their design.  Photoshop CS6 has a lot of nice … [Read more...]

The Masses are Dead – You Have to be Unique

Up until now in our lifetime, we have been use to a mass society where practically everything is geared toward commonality in masses of people and getting people to conform to those masses.  Businesses were geared around mass production of non-unique items that can be produced quickly and cheaply and sold in mass quantity.  There was virtually no … [Read more...]

Always Learn and Better Yourself

httpv:// It's been a while since I have blogged. I've been extremely busy with some new products and other tools.  It's been crazy. Here is a quick update and talk about learning and self improvement. We'll talk soon....... - Hill … [Read more...]

Making Money Online Without a Product

OK.  So you ask, "Hill, you keep talking about making money online but you don't always give details about how." Well, here you go.......  Here is one of many ways of making money online.  The beauty about this method is that you don't even need a product of your own.  The most common term is "Affiliate Marketing".  The way it works is as … [Read more...]

Get Your Own Bailout

With all of these government bailouts (that we the taxpayers are paying for), it makes you wonder - "Where is MY bailout!"  All of these multi-billion dollar banks, insurance companies, auto makers, and everyone else in line all say that they are going to go bankrupt and need someone to give them money to stay afloat.  Well how about you and your … [Read more...]

Speaking of Labor Day…..

Labor day originated in 1882 as the Central Labor Union of New York City looked to create a "day off for the working citizens".  Most "working" people with typical jobs look forward to this day off of work.  Frequently you will hear people with a job excited about a day off. While taking time off from "work" to spend time with your family is a very good … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day

I hope everyone had a great Father's day. I sure did. I always enjoy spending time with my family. My family is the primary reason I build my internet businesses. It gives me the freedom to control my own success. A job will not allow you to control your own success (or freedom). A job will keep you enslaved to your employer. Your employer will … [Read more...]