Why Email Marketing is Better than Facebook and Social Marketing

Email Marketing Better than Facebook

The latest buzz in the marketing world is Facebook and social media.  There are definitely some great benefits from social websites and they should be used in Internet marketing campaigns.  However, there are some big benefits to email marketing. One of the biggest benefits to email marketing is the fact that it is less time sensitive than most social … [Read more...]

Adobe Creative Cloud Review, Photoshop CS6 and Doing It Yourself

Adobe Creative Cloud

With Adobe's Photoshop CS6 and the awesome Creative Cloud service, you now have a complete package of creating any kind of website you can imagine to promote yourself or your business.  This is an excellent way to go if you are the do-it-yourself type that really wants to know the ins and outs of websites and their design.  Photoshop CS6 has a lot of nice … [Read more...]

Mysteriously Disappearing Blog Entries

So I spent about 30 minutes the other day writing a new blog entry. I did all of the normal things I do for each. I quickly wrote it without losing my train of thought just to get the content down before I forgot it. Then, I previewed it by clicking on the preview link (in another tab of my Firefox browser). I saw a few spelling errors and a couple of … [Read more...]

Protected: Question and Answer Time

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

What Kind of Info and Products Would You Like?

OK, it is your turn to give me some information. I am in information and product production mode. I want to hear from you what type of information and products you would like to see from me on this blog. You should know what my areas of expertise are from the posts on this blog and from my about me page. What info would you like me to cover or what … [Read more...]

Even You Can Write Articles

Whether writing an article for your blog or writing an article for other ezines, you can write unique articles that people will want to read. It is not as difficult as you might think. When I first started thinking about writing articles, I thought I didn't have enough to say (although my wife will tell you I talk too much). I kept thinking that I was not … [Read more...]

You are an Expert

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when starting a business is the feeling of needing to be an authority or expert in the subject matter that you will be selling or promoting. Most people think they need to be THE expert and know more than anyone. The problem there is that there is almost always someone that knows more about your subject matter than … [Read more...]

Death by Doubt

Looking back on decisions I have made in the past and why I failed or quit at anything was quite often due a quiet little creeping creature called doubt. It usually isn't obvious at the time but its grip is strong and deadly. Doubt will absolutely kill anything worth while if you let it. Doubt creeps into your thoughts saying things like "you can't … [Read more...]

Write Your Way to Success

In the world of the Internet, everything is about information. The primary form of information in cyberspace is written (or typed) content. It is obviously the fuel that gives value to a website and is the primary reason someone will visit your site. The better the amount and quality of the information, the more visitors you will attract and the longer … [Read more...]