Are You a Social Wimp?

Being social does not just have to do with social media and the Internet.  Social activity has been around since Adam and Eve.  Being social is all about being in the company of someone else, enjoying each other’s company, being friendly, communicating with each other, sharing thoughts and ideas.

However, there is often a big difference in how people are social in the real world versus the online world (which is also real in a different sort of way but that is beyond the scope of this post).

In the online world, it is a lot easier to be social.  You can hide behind your computer or smart phone.  You can chat with a stranger half way around the world while you sit in your pajamas or you can post a picture of the beach from your phone as you hang-glide over the Hawaiian coastline.  You can be as obvious or as inconspicuous as you want.  There is a sense of “safety” and “security” in the anonymity and impersonality.

In the “real” world, you are physically present in a social gathering.  You are being watched by everyone around you.  Are you on your best behavior?  Does your hair look OK?  Is there a stain on the back of your pants?  Do you have bad breath?  So many things to worry about that distract from the ability to be social and enjoy yourself.

Are you a social wimp?  Are you a social coward when you are out in public?

Did you know that everyone else in the room has those same worries about themselves?  When they are looking at you, they are not staring at your messy hair or a stain on your pants.  They are worried about their own hair and their own stained pants.  So just get over it and don’t focus on the little nonsense.  Go out and be social.  Get to know someone.  Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be a social wimp.

Life is too short to miss out on a new best friend, a life-long companion, or that special someone that may also be looking for you.

- Hill

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