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I am a total geek and I love working on anything that has to do with the Internet.  I started “playing” with Linux when you had to feed 30 or 40 floppy disks into a PC to install it back in the early 90′s.  I soon began networking computers and setting up websites for fun.  This hobby took off as the Internet started gaining in popularity so I started building websites for friends and family.  I started getting a lot of requests and turned it into a side business while I was working at a major telecommunications corporation as a software engineer.

Word got around that I was really good at building websites and coding some really fancy stuff from the ground up and businesses started approaching me to do their websites.  I got so busy with building websites that my little “side” business allowed me to leave my high paying engineering job to focus even more on building websites (which I loved to do anyway).

One of the companies I helped launch which is still thriving today is Cyberhood.  Cyberhood builds full service websites for communities such as HOAs, Condo Associations, and property management firms.

Additionally, I founded Magratech, Inc. as a parent corporation providing a full suite of Internet based services from websites, mobile apps, social media integration, and pretty much anything having to do with the Internet.  Our primary focus is great customer service and doing a lot of the tricky technical details that are required for any website so the customer can focus on their own business or whatever they want to do instead of worrying about how to add something to their website.

I love working with individuals and businesses that really want to grow their business via the Internet and social media.  I also love teaching about how to best use the Internet for business and marketing.  I also like to give a positive “can do” view on success in general.  There is plenty of negative around us…  We need to have some refreshing and rejuvenating positivity every now and then…

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