A Special Thanks for Thanksgiving

Well, I’ve been a little bit behind updating this blog over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. My wife’s mom was not able to make it over for our planned Thanksgiving lunch because she thought she ate something bad. She had a lot of stomach pain and was in no shape to be eating turkey. So, we were going to go over to her place that evening for a Thanksgiving dinner if she felt better which she did. We went to her house and had some great turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and of course, pumpkin pie (with a lot of whipped cream…. Yum…..) We had a great visit and went home and went to bed. We had planned taking the kids and having a family day together on Friday (away from the mad shopping rush at the stores). But our plans changed.

We got a call that my wife’s mother did not do well through the night and was taken to the hospital. It turned out that she had appendicitis (and the hospital staff was slim due to the holiday). By the time she got into surgery, her appendix had ruptured. Fortunately, the doctors caught it in time. She had to stay in the hospital an extended amount of time (she should be out tomorrow). We are blessed that it wasn’t worse.

So, we are especially thankful during this time of Thanksgiving. Take time to think about your loved ones and be thankful for them. I know holidays can sometime be stressful and some of your relatives may be ones you don’t necessarily get along with. But, they too probably have something positive you can be thankful for. Focus on the positive and the good in people…… At least during this holiday season…….

- Hill Robertson

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