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Google Chrome FINALLY Overtakes Internet Explorer in the Browser Wars

As a website developer, it has always been a challenge (putting it very mildly) to deal with the Internet Explorer browser. From the beginning of web browsers, Microsoft has always tried to force their ways on everybody. For a while it worked. Do you remember the "Use Internet Explorer to view … [Read More...]

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Should I Start a Website or is a Facebook Page Enough for my Business?

I am often asked by entrepreneurs as they launch their new endeavors - if they should start a website of their own or setup a Facebook page instead.  After all, a Facebook page is free and easy to create. The best answer is BOTH.  There are pros and cons to Facebook.  Here are some of … [Read More...]

Email Marketing Better than Facebook

Why Email Marketing is Better than Facebook and Social Marketing

The latest buzz in the marketing world is Facebook and social media.  There are definitely some great benefits from social websites and they should be used in Internet marketing campaigns.  However, there are some big benefits to email marketing. One of the biggest benefits to email marketing … [Read More...]

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Outsource or Do It Yourself?

I've always wanted to do things myself.  I like to learn how things work and figure out how to make things work better.  After all, I am a nerdy engineer.  :) I've always been very frugal.  (My wife will tell you I am cheap - maybe she is right.)  I don't like spending money on anything that … [Read More...]